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Why might classic car insurance be a better option than standard auto coverage?

For people who love cars in the San Antonio, TX area, owning a classic vehicle can be a dream. When you are a classic car owner here, not only will it be a prized possession and vehicle, but it could also be a great investment. Accordingly, you will need to have a unique type of insurance to cover this asset. A classic car insurance plan may be a better insurance option than a standard auto for various reasons. 

Cover Collectible Value of Car

One of the main reasons to have a classic car insurance plan is so you can receive the full collectible value of the car. With a standard auto insurance plan, the level of coverage you receive will be based on the market value, which can depreciate over the years. With a classic car insurance plan, you can get to a fair replacement price, which can include any appreciation that comes with these collectibles. 

Realistic Liability Protection

Whenever you ever plan on driving your classic car, you will need to have liability coverage. However, classic cars are driven sparingly, and your actual liability risk is quite low. When you get a classic car insurance plan, you will receive necessary liability coverage, but your premiums can be based on the actual mileage you drive each year. 

If you are going to buy a classic car and you are in the San Antonio, TX, area, you will find that having classic car coverage is a great option. As you are shopping for a new policy, you can give us a call at Shavano Insurance Agency LLC to discuss your needs. Our team of insurance professionals with Shavano Insurance Agency LLC will provide you with any help that you need to have your questions answered to ensure you build an ideal plan. 

Why Is Classic Car Insurance Better Than Ordinary Auto Insurance?

Think about it. Classic and antique cars and trucks stay in protective garages all the time. The only occasions on which they leave that garage is for car shows. The premiums are lower due to that rare appearance in public. Classic and antique cars and trucks appreciate in value, too. You’ll want to protect that.

Some classic car owners drive their classic cars to the store or to work. Most states have a rule that these cars can only be driven on the weekend and only to the grocery store or something similar. This brings up problems that Shavano Insurance Agency LLC in San Antonio, TX will be happy to explain to classic car owners. 

Why Classic Car Insurance

It’s About Parts

Older cars often suffer from post-part blues. The older the car, the scarcer the parts to repair it. On the other hand, a true classic car that was manufactured in the thousands could still have parts available from the manufacturer if from no one else. Classic car parts can be found online and at swap meets and car shows.

It’s About Value

Several industries have decided that classic and antique cars and trucks are more special than your everyday auto. Both the owner and the insurance company decide on the value of the car based on an appraisal. Classic cars appreciate in value, so the car is insured up to that value. Ordinary cars don’t enjoy that since they depreciate in value. 

Did You Know?

Not only are cars considered classics. Military vehicles, old milk trucks, tractors, and antique motorcycles all qualify as classics. All these and more are eligible for classic car insurance.

Reach Out To Us

Classic cars get better insurance due to the owner’s driving record, the sparse time they will be on the road, as well as the garage they’re kept in. Call or drop in so that Shavano Insurance Agency LLC San Antonio, TX can tell you all about it.

Why should I get classic car insurance instead of standard auto coverage?

If you are in the San Antonio, TX area and love cars, investing in your own classic vehicle can be a good idea. Along with getting one of these cars, you also need to have the right insurance. There are various reasons to get classic car insurance as opposed to a standard auto insurance plan when you are going to purchase one of these vehicles. 

Benefits of Classic Car Insurance

Ability to Insure Full Value

A good reason to have classic car coverage is so you can insure the full value of the car. A classic car vehicle is unique because it can appreciate in value each year. This compares to most vehicles that will decline in value. If you have a classic car insurance plan, you are able to take this fact into consideration, which can help ensure the full value of your car is covered. 

Policy Built to Reflect Actual Liability Risks

Another reason why many people will get classic car coverage is for liability insurance. Having liability coverage is a requirement no matter how frequently you drive. As classic car owners do not drive their cars very often, the actual risk of causing an accident is much lower than it would be with a standard auto insurance plan. When you build one of these policies, the premiums will take this into consideration. 

Contact Us Today

If you are a classic car owner in the San Antonio, TX area, you will want to know that you have proper insurance for it. A great way to ensure you receive the proper support is by calling Shavano Insurance Agency LLC. There continue to be many options to consider when looking for this unique coverage and Shavano Insurance Agency LLC can help. These professionals offer the guidance necessary to build a proper plan that will continue to protect your classic car. 

How Can I Reduce The Cost Of Classic Car Insurance?

Many residents of San Antonio, TX own classic cars. If you are one of these residents, one of the things that might be bothering you is how you can bring down the cost of your classic car insurance. At Shavano Insurance Agency LLC, we would like you to get a better deal on your classic car insurance. Here’s how to do it:

Going for a Lower per Mileage Restriction

Most auto insurers offer per vehicle mileage restrictions on an annual basis. The more mileage you plan to drive, the higher your classic car insurance premium will be. If you don’t drive your classic car that much, you can lower the premiums you pay by opting for a lower per mileage restriction. Whenever you are about to hit your limit, it’s critical that you contact your insurance account manager and ask them to increase your annual per mileage limit.

Store Your Car in a Locked Garage

If you store your classic vehicle in a locked garage instead of the driveway, your insurance provider will consider it better protected and safer; thus, they will likely lower your classic car insurance premiums.

Do an Annual Valuation of Your Classic Car

If your auto insurance provider assumes that your classic car has a higher value, they will charge you higher premiums. Doing an annual valuation of your classic vehicle will enable you and your insurance provider to stay updated on the actual value of your car. Therefore you will pay premiums that reflect the real value of your vehicle.

Take Advantage of Multi-Car Discounts

If you own multiple classic vehicles, you can take advantage of multi-car premium discounts. It’s best that you insure all your classic cars under one policy to maximize your multi-car premium discounts.

At Shavano Insurance Agency LLC in San Antonio, TX we would be happy to answer all your auto insurance questions. Contact us today.

Do you need to have classic car insurance in Texas?

When you are in the San Antonio, TX area, owning a classic car can be a dream. If you want to get a classic car in this area of the state, it would be wise for you to get the right insurance plan for it. For many, this means getting a specific classic car insurance plan. There are various reasons why you need to maintain this type of coverage here. 

Protect Your Asset

A key reason that you will want to have a classic car insurance plan is so you can protect your valuable and prized asset. If you intend to purchase a classic car, you will be making a unique investment. As opposed to traditional vehicles, a classic car can increase in value. If you obtain a proper classic car insurance plan, you are going to have coverage for this increased value as you will have an opportunity to negotiate your coverage amount with your insurance provider.

Liability Support

You should also get a classic car insurance plan to obtain support to offset your liability risk. Similar to driving any other type of car, you are taking on liability risk when driving a classic car. If you get a classic car insurance plan, you will have the support needed to offset this risk. The full plan will also give you the coverage needed to comply with state law surrounding this requirement. 

There are plenty of reasons to obtain a classic car insurance plan in the San Antonio, TX area. When you are looking for this coverage here, you should call Shavano Insurance Agency LLC. There are a lot of benefits that come with this coverage and Shavano Insurance Agency LLC can help you assess your needs and give the guidance you need to choose a plan to properly cover your classic car. 

A Guide To Help Texas Car Collectors Find Classic Car Insurance

Shavano Insurance Agency LLC provides coverage to the San Antonio, TX community and the surrounding areas. We seek to simplify the process of finding coverage for our clients. We hope to provide excellent customer service as we work with you to find the coverage you need.

Classic Car Insurance Guide

As a classic car collector, you have invested a lot of time and energy into this hobby. Classic cars are precious commodities which means there is always a high demand. Classic car trade shows and exhibitions in San Antonio, TX are always packed. While you are probably careful when you drive your classic cars to shows, you are still at risk. Classic car insurance gives you a safety net to lean on if you are somehow involved in a collision while driving.

You must drive your classic car on a minimal basis. Ideally, you should only drive the car to special shows and exhibits. If the vehicle goes over a specific amount of miles, it may lose its classic car status. Performing regular maintenance on your classic car is also important. If you opt to add custom parts or accessories to your vehicle, you can amend your policy to cover those items if they are damaged or stolen.

Liability coverage may not seem important to you, but it only takes a split second for something to happen. You are covered if your vehicle causes damage to someone else or another object. If you are riding with a passenger and suffer an injury, liability coverage will protect you. You can also amend your policy to protect your classics while they are in storage. Before choosing a policy, be sure to have your classic cars appraised to determine their true value.

Shavano Insurance Agency LLC Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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