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Should I get motor home insurance if I live in Texas?

Those who are living in the San Antonio, TX area can find owning a motor home is a good option. A motor home can offer you a comfortable place to reside that offers the flexibility to move when you want. If you are going to purchase a motor home, it would also be a good option to get a motor home insurance plan for various reasons. 

Ensure Asset is Protected

A great reason to have a motor home insurance plan is so you can ensure your asset is protected. When you are going to purchase a motor home, you will be making a large investment that you will want to enjoy for a long time. With a full motor home insurance plan, you will get the support you need to replace or repair it if you incur a covered loss. 

Liability Coverage

When you are an owner of a motor home, you can find there are various liability risks. This can include the risk that someone is hurt when they are in your property. If this occurs, you could be responsible for covering damages and medical bills. Fortunately, if you do have a full motor home insurance plan, you will get the support you need to cover these liability costs. 

We Are Here To Help

If you do invest in a motor home and are in the San Antonio, TX area, you do need to make sure you get the right insurance for it. A great way that this can be done is by calling our team with Shavano Insurance Agency LLC. Our insurance team at Shavano Insurance Agency LLC knows how valuable this coverage can be and they can offer any support you need to build a policy that will protect your motor home. 

Can I Take My Motorhome To A National Park?

Some of America’s most recognizable landmarks and historical sites can also be found in national parks. Consider bringing your RV to one of America’s national parks for a memorable road trip adventure. There are plenty to pick from, each with its own distinct charms and attractions. Shavano Insurance Agency LLC is proud to serve the residents of San Antonio, TX and supply quality motorhome insurance.

Here are a few tips to help make your visit go smoothly:

1. Select an interesting national park and research the best places to stay in a motorhome within that park. Campgrounds and RV parks are popular options since they often provide convenient access to hiking trails, picnic spaces, and other outdoor activities.

2. RV spots are in hot demand so make sure to make a reservation before starting your trip!

3. Before you go, thoroughly plan your route and ensure you have enough gas to get you there. You should also bring all of your camping equipment, such as a tent, sleeping bags, cooking materials, and food. You should also include some extra supplies, such as an emergency kit and a first aid kit, just in case.

4. When you arrive at your location, spend some time exploring the park and becoming acquainted with the rules and regulations that apply to motorhomes and other types of vehicles. It’s crucial to make sure you’ve checked for any park-specific restrictions, such as the maximum vehicle size allowed.

Get Motorhome Insurance Today

Make sure you have coverage for your motorhome before you leave. Call Shavano Insurance Agency LLC today for additional information about motorhome vacations. We are honored to serve the state of San Antonio, TX.

Why do you need to have motorhome insurance in Texas?

Those that are in the San Antonio, TX area could consider a motorhome to be a good investment. As there are many great places to explore here, having a motorhome can be a good way to get around and comfortably see all that Texas has to offer. If you do buy a motorhome, it is very important that you also select the right insurance.

You will need to have a motorhome insurance plan for various reasons:

Protect Your Asset and Investment

One of the reasons someone should get a motorhome insurance plan is because it is a good way to protect your investment. A motorhome insurance plan offers all that you will need to replace or repair the motorhome if you are in an accident, it is stolen, or you incur another type of loss. Having a full comprehensive plan will also be needed if you have financed the purchase of the motorhome with a loan. 

Offset Liability Risks

There are a lot of risks that come with owning and using a motorhome. Due to this, finding a way to mitigate and offset these risks should be a top priority. When you get a motorhome insurance plan, you will have the support you need if an accident occurs that you are deemed to be liable for. 

Contact Us Today

People that live in the San Antonio, TX area need to ensure they are properly insuring all of their most important assets, including a motorhome. If you are going to purchase one of these assets, it would be wise to call Shavano Insurance Agency LLC to discuss your motorhome insurance needs. The professionals with Shavano Insurance Agency LLC will give you advice and guidance that will allow you to choose a plan that properly protects your motorhome. 

State Requirements for Motorhome Insurance

When you start driving in the state of Texas, you’ll need to purchase auto insurance. When you purchase an RV, you also need to insure it. You can’t use your existing auto insurance to insure your RV. That requires a separate policy specific to motorhomes. Shavano Insurance Agency LLC serves San Antonio TX with RV insurance to fulfill this requirement.

The state of Texas provides legal requirements for the level of motorhome (RV) insurance under the same law it requires auto insurance. Just as with auto insurance, you must purchase at least a minimum amount of insurance in the following amounts:

  • bodily injury liability in the amount of $30,000 per person per accident,
  • bodily injury liability in the amount of $60,000 per accident,
  • property damage in the amount of $25,000 per accident.

When you read a document referring to "30/60/25" coverage, it refers to this minimum policy type. You probably want more than this minimal amount of coverage. The required state coverage only protects other people’s medical costs and property damage. It doesn’t cover your vehicle or injuries. Also, consider carrying more than the minimum required by the state. An accident can cost much more than your insurance will cover if more than one person gets injured or you damage more than one vehicle. In

Contact Shavano Insurance Agency LLC serving San Antonio TX for more information on insuring your RV. Don’t road trip until you obtain coverage, so you won’t get a ticket on Texas roads.

What Should I Know About Motorhome Insurance?

Do you own a motorhome in San Antonio, TX? You already know the fun your toy brings to you. But before leaving home to explore the world, you need to know a thing or two about motorhome insurance. At Shavano Insurance Agency LLC, we are proud to let you learn about the basics of motorhome insurance.

Is motorhome insurance required?

Yes, just like your auto insurance, you need to invest in motorhome insurance in Texas. But whether motorhome insurance is required or not, the last thing you want is to have your vacation spoiled by theft, accidents, or damage. Most folks invest in motorhome insurance because it can rectify things quickly when they go wrong.

What does motorhome insurance cover?

You will be surprised that motorhome insurance has similar coverages akin to those of your auto insurance. Generally, motorhome insurance covers the below:

  • Physical damage: Comprehensive coverage protects your home from non-collision risks like theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, and Mother Nature. On the other hand, collision coverage compensates you for repairs or replacement of your RV when involved in a collision with stationary objects or other motorists.
  • Liability protection: Because accidents can happen when you use your motorhome, you need liability coverage to cushion you against property damage or bodily injury you may cause to other people.
  • Medical payments: It covers your medical costs following an auto accident.
  • Roadside assistance: It bails you out when your motorhome breaks down miles away from home.
  • Personal contents coverage: It covers items like electronics, clothing, and sports gear inside your motorhome.

Would you like to take your fun to the next level with your motorhome? If you are nodding in agreement, you need to pay serious attention to motorhome insurance. So, if you are in San Antonio, TX and its environs, please get in touch with Shavano Insurance Agency LLC for motorhome insurance.

Common Causes of Motorhome Accidents and How To Stay Safe

According to Shavano Insurance Agency, LLC, the number of motorhome accidents that have been reported in San Antonio, TX continues to increase every year. This has led to severe bodily injuries, damage to properties, and unending legal battles. Understanding the major causes of motorhome accidents and how to prevent them is crucial progress towards minimizing such accidents. 


Overspeeding is one of the leading causes of recreational vehicle accidents across the country. Like in auto accidents, any speeding recreational vehicle, especially in bad weather conditions, is likely to cause an accident. Drivers and motorhome owners can cut RV accidents by more than 50% if they observe speed limits and stop speeding in bad weather conditions. 

High Winds

In very rare situations, you can come across a recreational vehicle that high winds have flipped. However, lightweight motorhomes that are not stable enough are likely to flip when they encounter powerful winds. This is something that you can solve by parking instead of driving against strong winds. You can also make your RV steady by increasing its weight, which will drastically reduce the winds’ impact. 


Most families tend to overload their recreational vehicles because they do not want to leave anything behind. Overloading is a recipe for disaster, and in case of an accident, your motorhome insurance will not be responsible. Although it is necessary to carry everything you may need, sometimes you have to sacrifice or make do with what is available and avoid overloading your motorhome because it can have permanent impacts on your life and family. 

However, if you are involved in an RV accident in San Antonio, TX, you need an insurance company to take care of your needs. Shavano Insurance Agency, LLC offers professional consultancy services and RV insurance coverage to motorhome owners. Contact us today for more information.

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