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Who should get umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance from Shavano Insurance Agency LLC is an important type of coverage that can provide additional protection for individuals and their assets. In today’s world, where lawsuits can arise from a myriad of sources here in the San Antonio, TX area, umbrella insurance is an essential way to safeguard your financial future. 

Who should get umbrella insurance?

Anybody who has valuable assets that could be at risk in the event of a lawsuit should consider getting umbrella insurance. This includes business owners, professionals such as doctors, lawyers, or even individuals with high net worth. Even people who have relatively low incomes can benefit from the additional layer of financial protection that umbrella insurance provides. 

It’s important to remember that not all threats come in the form of a lawsuit; umbrella insurance also covers certain damages resulting from accidents or unexpected events, such as damage caused by a hurricane. If you are concerned about your financial safety and security, then it might be worth considering adding umbrella insurance to your current policy. 

When selecting an umbrella insurance policy, there are a few things to consider. One is the policy limit; this is the maximum amount of coverage you can have, and it should be high enough to provide adequate financial protection in case of a major event. It’s also important to understand what types of damages are covered by your policy and how much your deductible will be, as this can affect the amount of money you pay out of pocket if a claim is made.

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Types of Motorcycle Insurance Available

Motorcycle riders in the San Antonio, TX area are required by law to have liability coverage in the amount of $30,000 per person or $60,000 per wreck to pay for injuries to the driver or passengers of the other vehicle. In addition, they are mandated to purchase $25,000 to cover property damage. 

Other coverage is available for your bike, and this can include medical payment coverage that will extend to your own hospital bills and those who are riding with you.

Collision insurance helps when your motorcycle comes into contact with another object, and this can be something stationary, such as a tree or a lamp post, or it can also happen during a wreck. This indemnification pays for repairs to your own property. 

Comprehensive coverage takes care of expenses that do not involve crashing into something, for example, if a falling tree branch lands on your chopper or if it is impacted by incidents like vandalism or theft. Your helpful Shavano Insurance Agency LLC representative can go into more detail about what would be included. 

Uninsured motorist insurance is a type of indemnification that is used in instances where the other driver did not purchase insurance and is at fault for your injuries or property damage. Underinsuranced coverage is an option that is of benefit when the other individual has insurance, but it is not sufficient to completely cover expenses. 

Gap insurance pays for the remaining balance when your bike is totaled, and you still owe your lender. This is available only to subscribers who already have comprehensive and collision insurance. 

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We take pride in serving the area of San Antonio, TX providing insurance packages to meet our clients’ needs. We welcome you to reach out to us regarding your life circumstances, and we can be reached by phone, online, or in person. 

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