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Motorcycles With Riders: Are You Covered?

Many motorcycle owners love taking friends and family members out on their bikes for a ride. But will your insurance policy help cover you if they are hurt? If you aren’t sure what to expect from your San Antonio, TX bike policy, we at Shavano Insurance Agency LLC can help you learn more. Doing so will help to protect you if you end up in an accident and hurt those you love while riding.

Knowing Your Coverage Options

What is interesting about motorcycle insurance is that it slightly varies from auto policies in a few ways. For instance, there is a chance that your policy may not cover people who are riding with you. That all depends on various factors and influences. Most of these influences will include things set up by your insurance provider and the state and can be quite diverse and often include things like:

  • The state laws regarding insurance and what your area says about it 
  • Your insurance company’s policies and range of coverage 
  • Any complications with your specific policy situation 
  • Limitations on your policy based on various factors 

Thankfully, many people can purchase an option called “guest passenger liability insurance” for their bikes. This policy upgrade will cover you if people are injured on your bike while you ride. Some bike policies may have this liability option already. Others may need you to add it. So make sure that you talk to your provider to learn more about your options in this unique situation.

Getting Help Today

At Shavano Insurance Agency LLC, we serve San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding area and help you understand your motorcycle insurance options. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re confused and need help fully understanding your coverage choices in this complex situation.

Benefits of Boat Insurance

San Antonio, TX happens to have some beautiful lakes, making it a good place to enjoy most boating activities. And if you happen to own a boat, you should probably consider insuring it. Some boat owners might feel that, since boat accidents are not common, insurance is not really necessary. However, boat insurance is not just for accidents. As Shavano Insurance Agency LLC explains, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy from insuring your boat.  

Protect Your Investment

Buying a boat is a huge investment, and so you need to have financial protection should anything happen. For instance, a crash, storm, or fire might damage your boat and injure your passengers as well. In such circumstances, insurance will help you cover those damages, protecting you from a significant financial loss.  

Medical Coverage

As much as boating accidents are rare, they happen and can cause injuries to you or your passengers. Treating those injuries can be expensive, especially if multiple people have been injured. Here is where boat insurance comes in. It will help you cover any medical bills, saving you the trouble of paying those bills from your wallet.

Protect You from Lawsuits

If you are found a fault in a boat accident that injured a swimmer, passenger, or another boat, you may just find yourself sued. In such circumstances, boat insurance will help cover the resulting legal fees and medical fees, plus the cost of repair.

Peace of Mind

Boat insurance can buy you peace of mind. You will not have to keep worrying about the financial loss you will go through if the boat is stolen, gets into an accident, or injures other people. The insurance will cover those costs.

Therefore, if you own a boat that you use often, it makes sense to protect it and yourself as well. If you live in  San Antonio, TX, you can talk to our team of experts from Shavano Insurance Agency LLC. We will provide you with the details you need on boat insurance and help you pick coverage.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Many insurance policies don’t come with much liability insurance. If that’s true for you, you may need an umbrella insurance policy to add to your coverage. To find out more about umbrella insurance, contact us at Shavano Insurance Agency LLC in San Antonio, TX.

Boosting Your Insurance Coverage

Umbrella insurance is used with two other types of insurance. If you have both auto and home insurance, you can get umbrella insurance to add to one of the types of coverage that these policies offer. Your auto and home policies have a small amount that is your liability coverage from those policies. However, as these amounts tend to be very low, umbrella insurance adds to the liability coverage that you have with both of these policies. This can help you to avoid a variety of financial problems with its boost of coverage. 

How It Works

First, there is an accident in your home or vehicle. Then, your home or auto insurance policy will assess the accident and figure out who is at fault. Next, the policy will pay for the accident until it reaches its payout limit. And because these limits tend to be low, anything left over to pay will come directly from your pocket. However, if you have umbrella insurance, the overage goes to your umbrella policy to be paid instead of your having to pay it. This can save you an enormous amount of money and even save you from serious financial harm. Umbrella policies have very high payout limits, so even a serious accident can be paid in full. 

Get Your Umbrella Policy

For more liability insurance, an umbrella policy can come in handy. If you’re interested in one of these policies, contact us at Shavano Insurance Agency LLC in San Antonio, TX to learn more about them. 

Advantages of Getting Flood Insurance

If you live in the San Antonio, TX region, you are likely to know that the area has seen its fair share of flooding disasters. With this comes property destruction, resulting in considerable damage to homes and businesses in the area. Fortunately, flood insurance is designed to cover such events, with Shavano Insurance Agency LLC breaking down the benefits of getting a flood coverage policy.

Protects Your Assets

Flooding does not have to be significant to cause property destruction, with faulty systems such as broken drainages causing just as much destruction as any weather-related flooding. If you experience flooding from such occurrences, you are likely to pay out-of-pocket, an aspect that will cause a dent in your finances. Flood insurance can help you avoid such costs and will come in handy in providing compensation for fixing your property and replacing any damaged assets when flooding occurs.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Predicting a weather event is close to impossible, a factor that can often cause worry for residents in the area. Rather than living in the unknown of whether your property will be protected when disasters strike, flood insurance comes with the assurance that your assets are protected, helping you get peace of mind throughout the year. This allows you to carry on with your daily routine without any stress, since you are guaranteed compensation to help you get back on your feet during unexpected flooding incidents. 

Eases Your Home Ownership Journey

Due to the frequent flash floods in the area, numerous mortgage lenders require home buyers to carry flood insurance to guarantee that their investment will be protected when flooding occurs. Failure to have flood coverage could put you at a disadvantage and will likely leave you without a home. The solution to this lies in getting flood coverage, as it will help you get on the right side of your mortgage lenders, giving you access to various property choices.

To get flood coverage customized for San Antonio, TX residents, make it a point to call Shavano Insurance Agency LLC today.

A Guide To Help Texas Car Collectors Find Classic Car Insurance

Shavano Insurance Agency LLC provides coverage to the San Antonio, TX community and the surrounding areas. We seek to simplify the process of finding coverage for our clients. We hope to provide excellent customer service as we work with you to find the coverage you need.

Classic Car Insurance Guide

As a classic car collector, you have invested a lot of time and energy into this hobby. Classic cars are precious commodities which means there is always a high demand. Classic car trade shows and exhibitions in San Antonio, TX are always packed. While you are probably careful when you drive your classic cars to shows, you are still at risk. Classic car insurance gives you a safety net to lean on if you are somehow involved in a collision while driving.

You must drive your classic car on a minimal basis. Ideally, you should only drive the car to special shows and exhibits. If the vehicle goes over a specific amount of miles, it may lose its classic car status. Performing regular maintenance on your classic car is also important. If you opt to add custom parts or accessories to your vehicle, you can amend your policy to cover those items if they are damaged or stolen.

Liability coverage may not seem important to you, but it only takes a split second for something to happen. You are covered if your vehicle causes damage to someone else or another object. If you are riding with a passenger and suffer an injury, liability coverage will protect you. You can also amend your policy to protect your classics while they are in storage. Before choosing a policy, be sure to have your classic cars appraised to determine their true value.

Shavano Insurance Agency LLC Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Visit our website to learn more information about classic car insurance.

Common Causes of Motorhome Accidents and How To Stay Safe

According to Shavano Insurance Agency, LLC, the number of motorhome accidents that have been reported in San Antonio, TX continues to increase every year. This has led to severe bodily injuries, damage to properties, and unending legal battles. Understanding the major causes of motorhome accidents and how to prevent them is crucial progress towards minimizing such accidents. 


Overspeeding is one of the leading causes of recreational vehicle accidents across the country. Like in auto accidents, any speeding recreational vehicle, especially in bad weather conditions, is likely to cause an accident. Drivers and motorhome owners can cut RV accidents by more than 50% if they observe speed limits and stop speeding in bad weather conditions. 

High Winds

In very rare situations, you can come across a recreational vehicle that high winds have flipped. However, lightweight motorhomes that are not stable enough are likely to flip when they encounter powerful winds. This is something that you can solve by parking instead of driving against strong winds. You can also make your RV steady by increasing its weight, which will drastically reduce the winds’ impact. 


Most families tend to overload their recreational vehicles because they do not want to leave anything behind. Overloading is a recipe for disaster, and in case of an accident, your motorhome insurance will not be responsible. Although it is necessary to carry everything you may need, sometimes you have to sacrifice or make do with what is available and avoid overloading your motorhome because it can have permanent impacts on your life and family. 

However, if you are involved in an RV accident in San Antonio, TX, you need an insurance company to take care of your needs. Shavano Insurance Agency, LLC offers professional consultancy services and RV insurance coverage to motorhome owners. Contact us today for more information.

Who needs RV insurance in San Antonio?

If you are a resident of the San Antonio, TX area, finding a way to get around the city and the rest of the state is a good option. If you want to explore all that Texas has to offer, getting an RV is a good option. Those that choose to get an RV in this state will enjoy the benefits that come with it and should protect it with insurance. There are several reasons that people here should get RV insurance.

Insurance is Required by Law

If you are going to operate a vehicle on a Texas road, you will want to have proper insurance in place. The state requires that you carry liability insurance when driving an RV. Those that fail to comply with this requirement will be penalized when caught. This could include being fined or even losing your right to drive. 

Insurance Protects Asset

It would be best to get an RV insurance plan to ensure that your asset is properly covered. Buying and maintaining an RV takes a big investment and commitment, which you will want to protect in the future. This can be protected if you get an RV insurance plan that includes a full collision and comprehensive policy. 

If you looking for RV insurance in the San Antonio, TX area, you must pick the right plan for your situation. Since this can be somewhat complicated, it is a good idea to call Shavano Insurance Agency LLC. The team with Shavano Insurance Agency LLC understands the value that this coverage provides. We can help you build a plan to protect your RV and ensure you are in full insurance compliance. 

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Theft?

Just because there has been no reported case of theft in your area doesn’t mean that your personal belongings are safe. Your motorcycle is susceptible to theft at any time. That’s why you need to take some measures to protect yourself against theft. 

But I have a motorcycle lock; that’s all I need, you might think. The fact is, no matter how secure you think your motorcycle is, you can still lose it to theft. And that makes it crucial to have insurance coverage that protects you against theft. If your motorcycle is stolen, at least you won’t have to incur out-of-pocket expenses to replace it. 

For motorists in San Antonio, TX, liability coverage is not enough. You need to make sure your investment is covered. That’s where you need to involve Shavano Insurance Agency LLC.

How Do You Protect Your Motorcycle with Insurance?

If you want to protect your motorcycle from theft, then acquire comprehensive coverage. Apart from theft, it will cover so many losses, excluding collisions with an object or vehicle. A comprehensive policy focuses on the damage done to your vehicle from vandalism, falling objects, and more.

Is It a Legal Requirement?

In Texas, motorists are only required to have liability coverage by law. So, comprehensive coverage is optional. However, you should have it if financial safety is something you take seriously. A motorcycle is not a cheap investment that you can replace out of pocket after losing one to theft. 

What to Do If Your Motorcycle Is Stolen

Before you become a victim of motorcycle theft, make sure you have the right coverage— and that’s comprehensive coverage. If your bike is stolen, do not panic and make sure to report to the police. Then, contact your insurance company. 

Recover from Theft with Motorcycle Insurance

If you live in San Antonio, TX, and you’ve yet to purchase comprehensive motorcycle coverage, then you’re putting your investment at risk. 

Contact Shavano Insurance Agency LLC and arrange for coverage that protects your motorcycle against theft and more.

Who should get boat insurance?

In the San Antonio, TX area, the hot weather that occurs for a long part of the year can make it a great area to own a boat. When you have a boat in this area of Texas, you will continue to have many opportunities to have fun on the local waterways. Before buying a boat and taking it out on open water, you need to obtain insurance. There are several situations when someone here should get boat insurance coverage. 

Those that Take Out a Loan

A situation when you should get boat insurance is when you are going to take out a loan. Buying a boat will always come with a big investment, and many buyers will use a loan to complete the purchase. If you have taken out a loan, you need to know your boat insurance requirements. In many cases, you will need financing as long as the loan is outstanding.

Those that Want Liability Coverage

While using a boat is a relatively safe activity for diligent operators, mistakes and accidents can always happen. If you make a mistake that leads to damages, you will have to pay for full restitution. When you get a boat insurance plan, it will include liability coverage to protect you in these situations. 

There are many situations when someone in the San Antonio, TX area should get a boat insurance policy. As you are shopping for your next plan, it would be a good idea to speak with Shavano Insurance Agency LLC. The Shavano Insurance Agency LLC team can offer you a lot of support that will help you pick a new policy. The team here will do this by carefully assessing your individual situation and building a plan accordingly. 

Things To Consider When Buying Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is the type of personal liability insurance, the purpose of which is to protect you and your assets from large claims or lawsuits if you have already exhausted the limits of your other policies. This type of insurance is not mandatory, but it is worth having. If you are thinking of getting umbrella insurance, but you do not know where to start, here is a list of things to consider: 

Your Current Coverage

If you do not know what exactly you have, it is hard to assess what you need. Evaluate your current policies and answer the questions: "Are their coverage limits enough?". For example, if the personal liability limit of your home insurance is $100,000, will it be enough to cover the medical treatment of someone who can slip, fall, and injure themselves on your property? 

Your Assets

Evaluate all the assets you have, including stock and retirement accounts. The more assets you have, the higher your risk is in the event of a lawsuit. Therefore, if you have many assets, the more umbrella insurance coverage that you may need. 

Risks You Face

We all face a certain amount of risks. The more risks you face, the higher chance of accidents, which elevates a liability suit. For example, homes with pools, trampolines, and aggressive dog breeds are considered at an elevated accident risk and, therefore, may need additional protection and coverage. 

Umbrella insurance is something that you may need to supplement your current liability insurance. It is an additional protection that provides you with financial security and peace of mind. If you are currently shopping for umbrella insurance but still have questions about this type of coverage, do not hesitate to call Shavano Insurance Agency, LLC, serving San Antonio, TX. Qualified and experienced insurance agents from Shavano Insurance Agency, LLC working with clients from San Antonio, TX, and other surrounding cities are always glad to assist you. 

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